University Bonding with Productive Sector Companies: A literature review
Sandra Cabrera Alzate$^{1}$
$^{1}$Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. Heredia Costa Rica
Schedule:Wed 21st@16:15, Room: C

The bonding of productive sector companies and universities is a need that has been identified for decades. The interplay between academia and the productive sector, is becoming in an aspect increasingly important in our new demanding and changing society. Knowledge as a strategy to create competitive companies and universities as an agency that generates knowledge and prepares professionals to meet current demands. This document focuses on an extensive literature review of several American authors, Europeans, Asians, Latin Americans and others, in order to identify successful processes and interaction models that can be adopted and adapted to the area of vocational training in Technology information and Communication in the context of Latin America.This study will serve as a starting point for further diagnosis and as an input for generating a linkage program in the area of computer careers.


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