An Open Source Framework To Manage Kinect On The Web
Francisco Moreno$^{1}$, Esmitt Ramírez$^{1}$, Francisco Sans$^{1}$, Rhadamés Carmona$^{1}$
$^{1}$Central University of Venezuela. Caracas Venezuela
Schedule:Thu 22st@11:15, Room: D

Human-computer interaction has had continuous changes in recent year, with a significant improvement in touch screens and motion sensors. New sensing technologies, like Microsoft Kinect, provide a low-cost way to add interactivity with gestures and postures. The current tendency is to develop software for the web. Interactions through the Kinect can be an additional benefit for these applications. While there is a solution to use the Kinect in the web, it is only supported on Windows platform by using Internet Explorer browser. In this paper, we propose a robust, interoperable, elegant and efficient server-client open source framework which allows interacting with the Kinect or similar capture device from browsers. The tests support our hypothesis, resulting in a low consumption of memory/time in different modern browsers. Also, an experimental test was performed to prove its usefulness, getting a rate of 30fps successfully.


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