Discrete Choquet integral based method for criteria synergy determination
Rubén Bernal$^{1}$, Marcelo Karanik$^{1}$, José Ignacio Peláez Sánchez$^{2}$, Estela del Rocio Yanez Benavides$^{3}$
$^{1}$National Technological University. Chaco Argentina,
$^{2}$University of Malaga. Málaga Spain,
$^{3}$University of Guayaquil. Guayaquil Ecuador
email: rbernal@frre.utn.edu.ar, marcelo@frre.utn.edu.ar, jignacio@lcc.uma.es, estela.yanezb@ug.edu.ec
Schedule:Tue 20th@10:45, Room: A

In multi-criteria decision-making processes, a set of criteria that can act independently or have some kind of relation between them are considered. When this latter appears, the process cannot be a simple problem due to complexity to model such synergy relations. To deal with these issues, a Choquet integral based method has been developed to determine the most appropriate ranking of alternatives. Therefore, a fuzzy measure that models considerations of an expert in the problem domain must be identified. The proposed model is a novel and efficient algorithm for determining a non-additive fuzzy measure guided by linguistic attributes. Finally, an illustrative example and a comparison with other aggregation operators is presented.


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