Monitoring and Enforcing Data Protection Laws within an E-government Interoperability Platform
Andrés Echevarría$^{1}$, Dahiana Morales$^{1}$, Laura González$^{1}$
$^{1}$Universidad de la República. Montevideo Uruguay
Schedule:Thu 22st@10:15, Room: B

Public agencies are increasingly required to collaborate with each other in order to provide high-quality e-government services. This collaboration is usually based on the service-oriented approach and supported by interoperability platforms. Such platforms are specialized middleware-based infrastructures enabling the provision, discovery and invocation of interoperable software services. In turn, given that personal data handled by governments are often very sensitive, most governments have developed some sort of legislation focusing on data protection. This paper proposes solutions for monitoring and enforcing data protection laws within an E-government Interoperability Platform. In particular, the proposal addresses the requirements posed by the Uruguayan Data Protection Law and the Uruguayan E-government Platform, although it can also be applied in similar scenarios. The solutions are based on well-known integration mechanisms (e.g. Enterprise Service Bus) as well as recognized security standards (e.g. eXtensible Access Control Markup Language) and were completely prototyped leveraging the SwitchYard ESB product.


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