Sistema de Análise de Incidentes para Melhoria Contínua
Lucas Filippi$^{1}$, Sandro José Rigo$^{1}$
$^{1}$Universidad de Vale do Rio dos Sinos. São Leopoldo Brazil
Schedule:Tue 20th@15:45, Room: B

Software quality is essential for software companies maintain their competitiveness. To achieve continuous improvement in quality, companies can rely on various techniques and tools. The proper use of these tools can provide the company with many benefits such as reduced costs, increased productivity, reduced failures, increased product reliability and customer satisfaction. This paper presents some of these techniques or tools and suggests the use of them together with an application to help a team to reduce the time spent on support and maintenance. The improvement proposal will be elaborated through the PDCA cycle resulting in a system that uses quality tools with manual and automated steps. The use of the system helps the team to identify and prioritize improvement and preventive action opportunities through information taken from the incidents reported by customers, fostering continuous improvement.


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