Extracting Static and Dynamic Structural Information from Java Concurrent Programs for Coverage Testing
Rafael R. Prado$^{1}$, Paulo S. L. Lopes de Souza$^{1}$, George G. M. Dourado$^{1}$, Simone R. S. Souza$^{1}$, Julio C. Estrella$^{1}$, Sarita M. Bruschi$^{1}$, Joao Lourenco$^{2}$
$^{1}$University of Sao Paulo. São Carlos-SP Brazil,
$^{2}$Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. Lisboa Portugal
email: rafaelrp@icmc.usp.br, pssouza@icmc.usp.br, georgemd@icmc.usp.br, srocio@icmc.usp.br, jcezar@icmc.usp.br, sarita@icmc.usp.br, joao.lourenco@fct.unl.pt
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This paper proposes novel techniques for the extraction of structural information from the source code of Java concurrent programs for their coverage testing. Such techniques differ from others because they consider synchronization flow among processes/threads, distinct paradigms of communication/synchronization, method calls and pointer manipulation. The structural information gathered from the source code is kept in a test model based on a Parallel Control Flow Graph (PCFG) and helps the generation of an instrumented source code, used for a future generation of trace files and to replay the concurrent execution. The results show the techniques can generate both an instrumented code and a PCFG for Java concurrent programs effectively, extracting static and runtime information required for structural testing.


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