DICREVOA: A Proposal for the Design, Creation and Evaluation of Learning Objects
Jorge J. Maldonado$^{1}$, Jorge L. Bermeo$^{1}$, Magali Mejía$^{1}$
$^{1}$Universidad de Cuenca. Cuenca Ecuador
email: jorge.maldonado@ucuenca.edu.ec, jorge.bermeo@ucuenca.edu.ec, magali.mejia@ucuenca.edu.ec
Schedule:Mon 19th@10:15, Room: C

This article describes a methodological proposal for the design, creation and evaluation of Learning Objects (LO). This work arises from the compilation and analysis of several LO design methodologies currently used in Ibero-America. This proposal, which has been named DICREVOA, defines five different phases: analysis, design (instructional and multimedia), implementation (LO and metadata), evaluation (from the perspective of the LO producer and consumer) and publication. The methodology is focused not only on the teaching inexperienced but also on those having a basic understanding of the technological and educational aspects related to the design of LO, therefore, the proposal emphasizes LO design activities centered in the Kolb cycle and the use of the ExeLearning tool in order to implement the LO core. Additionally, DICREVOA was used in a study case, which demonstrates how it provides a viable mechanism for the LO design and implementation within different contexts. In this paper, we present DICREVOA, the case study to wich it was applied, and the obtained results.


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